Investment Potential and Bias in the Sub-mariner Issues 1 to 20, 22, 34 35 36 and 43

Amazingly Secret Approach Using an Incredibly Novel Data Analysis Procedure for Comic Book Investing and Speculation. 

Bias in the Sub-mariner Issues 1 to 20, 22, 34 35 36 and 43 

As is my practice, I always start with the B Score level (see Table 1). A top down look into this run. So far the Sub-mariner has not been picked up as a movie yet. So my big theme is that this is a run you should look into to get ahead of the curve. I have run from 1 to 20 myself. I need to search for issues 34 and 35 as well. Issue 8 is the third highly I-biased issue here (lime green). The other issues of note here are stained dark green. So I have been setting up a Desire Scale as I introduced previously. I have and will post down the road a complete list of 1356 issues of all the runs covered or soon to be. So for right now; Issues 35 (86.4 percentile ranking) and 34 (86.1 percentile ranking) are in the top 15% of desired comics in my data set. Issue 8 is very close with the hard to find "Subby vs Thing" Black Cover (84.6 percentile ranking). Note that #1 is at the 77.1 level. So another way to say it is that 34 and 35 are three times as desired as Issue 1 and Issue 8 is desired twice as much as Issue 1.

Table 1.  Sub-mariner B Score Data
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Next we get into the two world of Insiders and Outsiders and look across the 3 Grades 9.4, 8 and 6 lumped together. So the next level down into the data. So in Table 2, we see the SLN that looks across the grades and then we compare and generate a DF number and finally put the data into a perspective of the % of DF. So as seen in most runs, the data is more liberal and we see that Issues 5, 8, 9, 13 to 20, 22, 34, 35, and 43 are stained lime green. Lime green highlights the highest I -Biased issues as a grade group. So we see all issues are rated higher by Insiders than the Outsiders. I think these implies that the serious investors are working hard in these issues. Are they all ready ahead of the curve? If you look at the desire scale the lowest issue is at the 30th percentile. As compared to Thor which has a low issue ranking of down to the 2 percentile. Captain Marvel another hot issue ranges from 89 to 37.2 percentile in 34 issues in my data base.

Table 2. SLN Bias data for Mariner. 

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So we next move into the final level of depth. We compare the I/O worlds at the grades of 9.4, 8 and 6 and get a ADF number (average difference). See Table 3. I stained the high numbers in the completed group with an "Orange $" vs a "?" and an "X" symbol. I denote all issues with 3 or 2 in the top 9.4 and 8 grades as lime green stained. Dark green stained issues are stained because they have a Bias only at 9.4.  Issue 8 and 34 are the consistent biased issues.

Table 3 ADFs at 9.4, 8 and 6 grades. 

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I have included my score card analysis which looked across the issues. See Table 4. Note issues 8 and 34 are lime green in all categories.  I am liberal in my assessments. Lime green are issues that are green stained (lime or dark green) in all 3 areas. Dark green are stained in 2 areas and yellow are stained green in one area.

Table 4 Score Card Data. 
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So here is my file on the Subby issues. I have a heat map of the issues scaled rank and have listed the rank out of 1356 issues. I covered this material earlier. NOTE the Scaled Num is a quick way to compared 2 issues. Issue 35 (1.23) vs #1 (0.37). Divide 1.23/.37 and you get 3.3. So Issue 35 is desired 3.3 times as much as Issue #1. I leave it to you to play with.

Table 5  Desire Ranking Data (out of 1356 issues ranked so far).
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