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Analysis of Thor Issues #83 to 175

Introduction and Material and Methods       In order to isolate potential key issues to focus my investing efforts on, I used a data analysis approach based on established values from two collecting universes within in the  run of the silver age issues I gathered value data from a variety of sources representing both serious investors (Insiders – I) and not serious investors (Outsiders-O). This data is current as on 4/2015. I choose to keep my methodology and data gathering proprietary at this time but I am giving my readers a simplified representation of my data that I currently use for my decisions. Results – Thor Issue #83 to 175 Table 1. Bias Scores (B SCORE) of All Issues in the Run RUN Issue B Score RUN Issue B Score Thor-JIM #83 150146 Thor #130 -306.8 Thor-JIM #84 26728 Thor #131 -352.8 Thor-JIM #85 9323 Thor #132