I present a current thumbnail view of my Database


I present a thumbnail view of my Database! I hope folks can look and think about questions. 

I have a extreme interest in determining the reason for the Differences in the Silver/Bronze Age Issue Distribution in DC vs Marvel. 

Are DC comics on the average undervalued especially in the middle segments or are Marvel Comics under valued at the top segments? What has to happen in the market to equalize the distributions? Will there ever by an equalization? 

I would have predicted they would have been the same. I think we can reject that hypothesis? 

I believe understanding these questions will lead to increased investment opportunities! 

The Top 1% of Desired Comics
 in My Data Base.

Blue Highlights DC Comics

Bias Score Data Base Landscape

Lists the Data from Lowest Desired (Segments 0 and 1) to Highest Desired Comics (Segments 8 and 9)

   % of the Total DC and Marvel in each Segment! 

Comparison of the Dc vs Marvel 
% Across the Desire Segments.


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