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Investment Analysis ASM Annuals 1 to 26

Investment Analysis ASM Annuals 1 to 26 Silver and Bronze Age Comic-Book Investment Guide: Marvel Comics Edition   [Print Replica]   Kindle Edition This guide is a product of many years of thinking and learning about comic book investments and investing decisions under uncertainty. I have used my scientific training as well to approach acquisitions of undervalued silver and bronze age comic books. My studies in horse racing, stock market analysis, and fantasy football have also contributed to my investing process and methods. This is the Marvel Comics edition containing main titles from the 1960s to 1980 ish. These data are based on early 2019 data. The DC comics edition will be forthcoming. Buy it Here Early and Often!  Silver-Bronze-Comic-Book-Investment-Guide-ebook ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This post takes data from my Investing Book (see above - Buy Early and Often). I wanted