Quick look at top comics at the highest desired level. The true marketplace "holy grail" issues

Quick look at top comics 

at the highest desired level. 

The true marketplace "holy grail" issues

I just published the showcase run so I highlighted those. 

I thought this graph might explain the concepts. I show 3 different example comics with 3 very different scores

So for each issue, I look into the 2 worlds of the serious investors (insiders) and regular folks (outsiders.). I think that knowing what issues are being desired more by insiders than outsiders proportionally are the issues that may have room to increase in value. So we have XMEN GS 1 with a score of 86.6. You can visualize the desire of the two groups as shown in the graph. The DIFFERENCE as pointed out by the bracket is the key and is still high. Batman 608 has a score pf 54.4 and has very little difference between the insiders and outsiders. Finally ASM 14 has a negative situation where the outsiders are higher than insiders (who have the money!) The score is 0.8. I predict that over time the issues with high differences between the insiders I vs O are the issues to focus on. Simple Insider Trading.  Good luck on your investments!


  1. I would be interested to see where Batman Adventures #12 and New Mutants #98 fall in the analysis. Also, are variants ever included?

  2. Hello. Thanks for the question. I will have to look to see if enough data exist for me to give those 2 issues a look. I have not done variants. I have not looked into more modern comics yet. I will post on BA 12 and NM 98 if I can do it. Good Luck on your investments. Hope my blog post helps your success!


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