Early First Pass into a New Metric_Collectible Rating Number (CRN)

I am combining Issue Rarity Data with my Bias Score. This was done last night. I weighed the two scores as equal (Is that the right proportion?) and combine them. I placed each issue's score on a 0 to 100 (Low to High) and call it the Collectible Rating Number (CRN).


What %  of price is reflected in my Bias Score, Rarity and Combined CRN?

Is the price of a comic efficient? Is all the current information embedded into the price? (Efficient Market Concept)  or can I/you develop metrics/data streams that are not priced in ? Thus creating Overlays = Bargains.

I color coded the same CRN score and you can interpret that a JIM 83 2.5 "equals" #84 and 85 at 3.5. Yes I know price is not included for now. 

I wish to use the CRN as a transition to metrics that are better!

Anyone out there that wish to swim in the data pool? Lets discuss!
Good Luck in your investments


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