Investment Potential and Analysis of the Defenders (Bronze Age) Issues #1 to 19

Amazingly Secret Approach Using an Incredibly Novel Data Analysis Procedure for Comic Book Investing and Speculation. 

Analysis of the Defenders (Bronze Age) Issues #1 to 19

Table 1 represents the Bias Score analysis of the defenders series. Note the analysis is fairly short in that Issues 1 and 17 are Strongly Bias while Issue 8 is biased somewhat. (Lime green vs dark green staining). The other issues are overbought by the outsiders and can be ignored. Note Issue 2 is on the watch list FYI.

Table 1 Bias Score Analysis of the Defenders Issues 1 to 19. 
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Table 2 is the SLN numbers which separates out the I/O worlds for each issues. Note that Issues 14 and 17 are strongly Biased while the other issues of 6 to 9, 11 to 13, 15, 18, and 19 are somewhat biased. This data number tends to be the less stringent and need to be carefully considered. Notice Issue 17 is noted as strongly biased as it was in the B Score Table.

Table 2. SLNs Numbers for the I/O Data for the Defenders 1 to 19. 
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Table 3 illustrates the ADFs numbers from the 3 different grades. We see based on this data that Issue s1 , 8 and 17 are supported only in the 9.4 grade. So a focus on the highest grades is recommended. Issue 10 seems to have something of interest but not in the 9.4 grade. I would watch this issue.

Table 3. ADFs of the Defenders Issues 1 to 19.
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Table 4 is the collection of all the data into a dashboard style of each issue in all three data streams. Lime green issues 8 and 17 are strong in all analysis while issue 1 is strong in 2 data analysis only. The theme is the focus remains on these 3 issues are the highest grade of 9.4. Short conclusion here.

Table 4. Score Card of Defenders Issues 1 to 19 
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Table 5 illustrates the data based on my specially formulated concept of Desire Scale for each Issue of the Defenders. Issues 1 17 and 8 are the picks and they are in the top 25% of desired comics in my data set of 1356. I will be plowing through those as well go along. Given the rank of those 3 issues, they are close on the desire scale FYI.v Note the drop from 74% to 61% that is a big drop and a warning for the other issues.

Table 5. Desire Scale of the Defender Issues 1 to 19. 
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