Investment Potential and Analysis of Marvel Superheroes Draft Issues 12 to 20

  Amazingly Secret Approach Using an Incredibly Novel Data Analysis Procedure for Comic Book Investing and Speculation. 

Investment Potential and Analysis of Marvel Superheroes (MSH) Draft Issues 12 to 20

This title from the late silver age was action packed in characters introduced. We have the first appearance of Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers (aka Ms. Marvel, Binary etc), and the Guardians of the Galaxy. We have also Inhumans. Phantom Eagle, Spiderman, Black Knight, Kazar and Dr Doom as well in these issues.

So I go in expecting the Capt Marvel and Guardians of Galaxy will be the main attraction here.
Table 1 presents the Marvel Super-Heroes Issues 12 to 20 graded as to each issues Bias Score. Previous works shown in this blog have discussed the methods that allow a novel look into the Insider Investors and how much they desire each issue. The B Score Number is show and ranges from 2258 to 66. This is a broad range and really shows the focus of investors onto the issues 12 , 13 and 18. Lime green staining are the highest Biased issues and that calls for your investment focus. Dark Green issues are somewhat Biased and are potential issues for focus.Interesting to see all Issues are Biased by insiders and that reflects a desire for collecting this run of issues. So thr order of Bias is 13, 18 and then 12. Your focus should mirror that order.

Table 1. Bias Scores for MSH Issues 12 to 20

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Table 2 has the MSH issues 12 to 20 SLN Numbers (see other blogs for SLN discussion) from the two investment worlds of Insiders and Outsiders (I vs O). I calculated the difference between the worlds = SLN DF and then the % of this difference %DF. We are looking for the largest %DF between the I/O worlds to tip us  to issues that are highly prized by the Insider professional investors. So I have labeled by Lime Green the Issues with a high difference. We see that Issue 13 is the only one that has the largest DF between the the I vs O investors. Note that it is about double 12 and 18. So I conclude those issues are overbought and Issue 13 still have room for growth as compared to the other issues. Note in general all of the issues are biased between the grades by the I group vs the O group but Issue 13 stands alone here.

Table 2. SLN, SLN DF, and %DF of MSH Issues 12 to 20.
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So we arrive at the deepest level of analysis, the ADF (average difference between the I/O worlds) of each issue at each grade. I denote a high I Bias with the orange $. Lime green stained issues are rated I Biased in all grades or at least 9.4 and 8. Dark green stained issues are only Biased at the 9.4 while the other grades are overbought relative to the professional investors desires. So we have 12, 13, and 18 as high in all grades or at least 2 grades. Issue 15 is a focus at the 9.4 grade only. Note that issue 15 has Medusa from the Inhumans on the cover and given the movie upcoming this is the source of I Bias. The Insiders are doubling down on the Inhumans and at 9.4 or better is the play here for this issue.

Table 3. ADFs for MSH Issues at the 9.4, 8 and 6 grades. 
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Table 4 is the score card data for these issues. I developed this technique as a tool to look top-down at all issues across the 3 data streams. Lime green issues are those green stained in all three data streams, dark green issues are green stained in 2 data streams and yellow are issue highlighted in one stream. Note all of these issue are prized by Insiders by 12,13, 18 and now 15 are the ones that have come through for your final focus.

Table 4. Score Card for MSH issues 12 to 20.
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Finally I present the desire scale and have rated these issues in a scaled ranking of 1356 issues. I find interesting that all issues are in the top 79 percentile. Nice. So I would think any high graded issues might get your attention. But note, issue 13 is the top in the top 96 percentile while, 18 is in the 95 percentile. Note the drop of issue 12 into the 92 percentile and finally issue 15 is at the 85th percentile.

Table 5. Desire Scale rankings of MSH issues 12 to 20.
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