Cluster Analysis and Investment Potential of Sub-mariner, Iron Man, and Captain America Selected Issues

Cluster Analysis and Investment Potential of Sub-mariner, Iron Man, and Captain America Selected Issues

Cluster analysis is the procedure where multiple titles are put together and analyzed as a group. So this post deals with the three titles in the 2nd ARC of titles; Capt America, Sub-mariner, and Iron Man. Table 1 is the B SCORE data for the cluster. As in other analysis, issues that have the highest Insider Bias are stained with Lime Green. These issues are Captain America #117 (496), Iron Man #1 (395) and Iron Man #55 (329). Note the extreme drop to the next level at 57. That is a drop of 83%. That is very significant. Given investment budget issues, you could only focus on these 3 issues and be fine. Note the next group from with a range of Bias Score from 57 to 42. These issues are to be considered issues that are somewhat biased and could be objects of some focus as well.

Table 1 B Scores of the 3 Title Run of Selected Capt America, Sub-mariner, and Iron Man Issues. 
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Table 2 represents the SLN numbers for each issue from each world, the Insiders (I) and Outsiders (O). This data stream gives a more liberal view of the issues across three comic book grades of 9.4 8 and 6 in both worlds separately. Lime Green are those issues that are the highest difference between the I and O worlds. No Captain America issues are stained Lime Green. Note the large amount of Submariner issues. I interpret this data to mean the Insiders are valuing the submariner issues greater than the outsiders. I suggest the opportunity is now to focus on theses issues before the outsiders catch on. Look at the sweep in the ADFs on these issues at 9.4. Here is your :"wake-up" call. You know the movie is coming at some point.

Table 2 SLN/DF and %DF numbers
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Table 3 is the Average Differences at 9.4, 8 and 6 between the I and O groups. Orange $ symbols denote positive I Biased situations. Lime green staining suggest issues are I Biased in 9.4, 8 and 6 grades or at least in 9.4 and 8 grades. Dark Green issues are only I biased at the 9.4 grade. Note the Submariner issues. Hello "McFLY" wake-up.

Table 3 ADFs of the Key Issues in the 3 Titles. 
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Table 4 below is a data table that summarized the data for each issue. I call it a Score Card. Lime green staining are those issues that were Biased in all three data streams while dark green stained issues were labeled as Biased in at least 2 of the data streams and yellow staining issues were favored in one data stream only. I favor the Lime Green over the dark green but issues favored by at least 2 data generating methods are to be focused on.

Table 4 Score Card for all three Title Issues. 
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Tables 4 and 5 are these Issues rated on a Desire Scale - Scaled Rank (SR). For instance the Capt America 117 issues is desired in the top 92 percentile of 1356 comics in my database. This data tries to pick up issues are are desired more vs their price values. I have Iron man 1 and 55 and am quietly watching for CA 117. So Issue 117 (SR 92) is twice as desirable as CA 103 (SR 45). This is the only data out there that allows a collector/investor to look at issues in different way!

Table 4 and 5. Scaled Ranking of Issue Desirability. 
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