Investment Potential and Analysis of Ghost Rider Vol 2 Issues 1 to 11

Amazingly Secret Approach Using an Incredibly Novel Data Analysis Procedure for Comic Book Investing and Speculation. 

Ghost Rider _ (Bronze Age)

As seen in Table 1, I outline the Bias Scores for the first 11 issues. Quickly my B Score number quantifies and looks at the difference in desirability between Insider (serious collectors/investors) vs Outsiders (everyone else). High I Biased issues are stained in Lime Green and somewhat I Biased issues in Dark Green. We have here only 3 issues for our investment focus, Issue 1, 5 and 6. Clearly Issue 1 is the main focus and shows that the movies have not had a great effect on the other issues. Note that the negative number would suggest overbuying by the Outsider groups. These title is a weak one for serious investment.

Table 1 B Score of Ghost Rider Vol 2 Issues 1 to 11.  

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Table 2 represents the SLN number for each issue in Ghost Rider. This number focuses on the internal dynamics of the 2 worlds the I and O universes. The SLN is the slope of the Bias Numbers at 9.4, 8 and 6 in each world I/O. The difference in the SLN numbers is the SLN DF and the %DF is the DF number % of the total SLN numbers of both I/O. This number is the most liberal in the analysis and will give a less accurate view of the issue significance. All issues are Dark Green stained except Issue 8.  Still the Table 1data make me less confident in these issues.

Table 2. SLN number of the Ghost Rider Issues 1 to 11. 
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Table 3 represent the ADF numbers of the issues 1 to 11. This number calculates the Bias average differences between the I/O worlds at each grade (9.4, 8 and 6). Orange $ highlights the areas of positive Bias by the Insider and suggest a focus on that issue and that grade for investment proposes. This data clearly shows that in this run it Issue 1 and done. Ignore the others. You might keep 2 5 6 issues on your watch list. Issue 1 is recommended at the 3 grades at of course good price points. See my post on investment techniques and definition of a price point.

Table 3. ADFs of Each Issue at each Grade for the Ghost Rider run Issue 1 to 11. 
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Table 4 illustrates the Score Card data. This table give us an overview look into these issues. Issue 1 is the definite standout while 5 and 6 issues are weakly suggested for a investment focus. Issue one and done is the theme here.

Table 4. Score Card of the Ghost Issues 1 to 11. 
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Table 5 below is the "Desire Scale Rank" for these Ghost Rider Issues. Note the data from this Table's data shows that Issue 1 is in the 85% rank of 1356 issues I have ranked. Note the sharp drop into the mid 60s for Issues 5 and 6 going all the way down to the 18% ranked scale number for issue 2. The scale is from high to low. One and Done is the final takeaway here.

Table 5. Desire Ranking for the Ghost Rider Issues 1 to 11. 
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