FUN MONEY Investments___ Quick Comments on my recent investment purchases (fun money investments only)

I present my Fun Money investments for the last few months. I wanted my readers see what I was buying based on my data. ( plus analysis that I have not published).

Hey can not give away the whole farm.

I will post my more serious investments - slabbed comics I own and buy down the road.

I will give a short bullet point of the reason I invested in these.


I think Man-Wolf will be a thing as he is connected to JJ and that seems to be a natural subject for a movie or arc inside a  movie.

The kangaroo is a long-shot to be highly relevant. Price was good

Man-APE is going to be a key villain in BP world. Buy this issue early and often

ANT-Man II coming back and this was a post-hype buy. Jump in while other issues are in fashion

Taskmaster is coming. He is too neat a villain not be in a future movie. buy 195 196. I am all in on unslabbed nice copies.

Seem to be a good price for CAP 112

I have found Ghost Rider in the MS series beyond Issue 5 are bargains. Buy them

Last Giant Man at a good price vs condition

I am have been all in on SUBMARINER coming into the Marvel Universe.
I am a sucker for TOS cheap vs condition. - more the collector side of me

Machine Man is coming seems a natural with a 2001 arc ( I am all in on 2001 and MM)

Odin will die and I am hoping its by Mangog and this is the issue. Buying this one multiple times.

Ok WF 84 in VG for $7 was a deal.

Love to see DS and ASM this would could be the issue (long-shot)

CAP Issues above 100 and not 117 seem bargains. (long-shots)

Loki is an all in as a Villain for the ages. (I have a slabbed JIM 85 6.5 got it cheap and it has rolled 3X plus for my 2012 investment! Proud of that buy)

Jane is immortal (could play into in future movies) (long-shot)

High Evolutionary (Paid more than wanted) Buy at good price is the advice.

The collector in me here. I started in  the early 1970s and Roy Thomas was a name then!

More Ghost Riders and just STs are good price by condition

Long-shot plays but it's a low cost plays for a blue sky investments

ASMs in early 200s are bargains see my data. Data plays for sure.

More death of ODIN 198 all day long

Second MM extra copies but nice and cheap. long-shot play

Love the BEAST issues. Bargains can be found. Buy Signals strong

I always buy early 12C avengers in Fine or better for good prices (long-shot play) 

GL seems a good price vs condition. 

Love me some Taskmaster Issues. I was pleased with this haul of 191 to 200 (Perez signed sweet)

Strong on the #110 Avengers and the Avengers vs defenders issues following

Long term avengers plus Subby. Goodness here.  TOS cheap nice condition

Suite of Avengers at solid conditions and prices. Long term buys only


CAP Issues Seemed a good deal vs price
EGO Prime Thor issue.

My Data loves the last few TTA issues. Price vs Condition

Leader in TTA 69 condition price spec here

Spec plays only. DO think madame web could sneak into a movie in future. Watching for more buyting ops on 210!

Collector only plays. Love Gorgo and Konga

Have 1 to 10 so these seemed a good price vs condition

More 110 Magneto and 111 arc finish

Kazar 1  hard to find  the bigger issues in nice condition SPEC play!


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