Special__Quick hit Post. Investing in Comics is not just about the price

So here are factors that I have thought about in my investment journey.

1) Blocks of time. If you do not have sufficient time to spend and focus on the deals at LCS, CONs, Auctions, Ebay etc. DON'T! 

2) On Ebay look at the new listings and focus on those. Use the notes to set price points (see previous post). As you look then, just delete those listings that are near your price points. Move on.

3) On Ebay, use broad search terms over titles as people can incorrectly spell titles.

4) Bankroll. Sell off unwanted items. Have a garage sale and come up with cash.

5) Raw vs Slabbed Books! I would only focus on one type in your investment block of time (Session)

6) Keep up with profits in your sessions. If you buy below the issues's average then you have made money (virtual of course)

7) School yourself in deal-making face to face (LCS or CONs). Plenty of resources to read about closing deals etc.

8) Psychological Strength. Are you weak? Be honest. Impulsive? Then I would not do deals face to face. Make it formula driven. Price points.

9) Use trades at your LCS to move your positions up in your collection. What issues can you get rid of?  if you cant find any issues to get rid of, then you are not an investor and stop and move on until you can get rid of issues!

10) Think about thinking. Investment decisions. Read the best book on why we buy and sell!

11) Rank the top 5 titles to buy into or sell out of? Act on this then!

12) Use  Decision Tree Methods or Other Devices for making final decisions. 


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