Investment Potential and Bias of Astonishing Tales

Amazingly Secret Approach Using an Incredibly Novel Data Analysis Procedure for Comic Book Investing and Speculation. 

We are doing the Bronze Age Series of Astonishing Tales Issues 1 to 10. We look across these issues using our Bias Score Analysis where we look at the Insiders vs Outsiders. We concern a Bias are issues that are being support by the professionals vs the fans.

In Table 1 we see the highest B Score is Issue 1 at 40. This and Issue 4 are the only issues with any kind of Bias. This makes the analysis short and sweet. Focus on to those issues and avoid the rest.  Issue 4 is a interesting issues as it pits a rare villain battle Dr. Doom vs the Red Skull.  Issue 1 has Doom vs other villains and has President Nixon, Buzz Adrian, and Neil Armstrong as themselves.

Table 1 B Score of Astonishing Tales Issues # 1 to 10

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Table 2 have our SLN, DF and %DF ratings for these issues. Other Issues such as 2 4 5 9 and 10 are in the spotlight. Note that issue 1 has an overall I SLN of 80 which is double the others. Issue 9 is highlighted becuase it is relative to the O SLN the most different and that indicates a bullishness by Insiders vs fans.
Neat Story in Issue 9 which is Ka-Zar only. Ka-Zar vs Iranda, queen of the lethal Lizard-Men.

Table 2 SLN, DF and %DF for AT Issues 1 to 10.

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Table 3 focuses on the ADFs (avg difference at each grade between the Insiders and Outsiders) Grades of each issue 9.4, 8 and 6. We see surprisingly that no issue is a focus target. We mark those issues with an Orange $. We have none. Move on then.

Table 3 ADFs of AT Issues #1 to 10

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Table 4 Is a high level view of all the data streams and it only points to Issue 4 as somewhat worthy of a focus. Labled by a Dark green Staining.

Table 4 Overall View and Data Stream Ranking of AT Issues 1 to 10

 photo Bronze FIgures 5 7 15_zpsnqsljc5c.jpg
Our Novel Analysis of comic-book Desire Rankings is shown in table 5. Note the Scale rank of each issue out of 1356 silver age Marvels is shown. Issue 1 and 4 are the show being in the top 30 percentile of all of my graded comics.

Table 5 Desire Scaled Ranking for AT Issues 1 to 10. 

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