Investment/Speculation Analysis of Amazing Spiderman Issues 238 to 270

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Investment Analysis ASM 238 to 270


Silver and Bronze Age Comic-Book Investment Guide: Marvel Comics Edition [Print Replica] Kindle Edition

This guide is a product of many years of thinking and learning about comic book investments and investing decisions under uncertainty. I have used my scientific training as well to approach acquisitions of undervalued silver and bronze age comic books. My studies in horse racing, stock market analysis, and fantasy football have also contributed to my investing process and methods. This is the Marvel Comics edition containing main titles from the 1960s to 1980 ish. These data are based on early 2019 data. The DC comics edition will be forthcoming.

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This post takes data from my Investing Book (see above - Buy Early and Often). I wanted to begin to do a few posts for those that have not bought the book or wanted to see a focused approach.

These 2 charts are a summary of my research on these ASM issues. I wanted to focus on issues that are not so expensive for those with limited investment budgets


Chart 1 below lists: Title/Issue/ADFs

9.4  (ADF) Average Difference Factor (Pros vs Joes)
8.0  (ADF)
6.0  (ADF)

X means no play
$ Orange strong evidence for a play
Yellow? implies a gamble play (spec plays)

Green Issue (Issue is supported at multiple grades)
Yellow Issue (Issue has good evidence for one grade but can have other grades of interest)


Amazing Spiderman 238 to 270


Issues 238 and 252 lead this group and are annotated as green plays; all grades of 6 and up. Remember to use my analysis of half-grades (see book) for a complete play! 

These are the obvious plays with the Hobgoblin and Black Suite Issues. Blue Chip plays! 

Next Level Spec Plays 

Issue 265/269. These are a proven group at the 9.4 level only! 

Issue 265 is Silver Sable (First appearance). Clearly, a 2nd level play here but if movies etc hit this issue has legs to roll up in value (9.4 or better is the play). 150$ ish plus for 9.4 CGC. 

Issue 269 has the Firelord vs Spiderman Cover. I think Firelord is that 3rd level Villian that can pop in the MCU down the road. 9.4 and higher. Much Cheaper at $70 ish for a 9.6 or so CGC! 

Deeper Level Spec Plays

Issues 247/258/262

Issue 247 nice cover and a discussion of the hobgoblins faked death. Spiderman fights Thunderball, a member of the Wrecker's Wrecking Crew. I am unclear in this issue potential. Very cheap for a 9.4 ungraded issue 20$ ish

Issue 258 has Spider-Man / Bombastic Bag-Man (Peter Parker) first appearance. Spider-Man's Black Suit is revealed to be a symbiote. Mary meets Black Cat as well. Mary Jane reveals she knows PP is ASM!. (Part of the Black Cat investment campaign mentioned in the last post) I have multiples of this due to the first symbiote aspect. $70 ish for CGC 9.4. 

Issue 262. The issue deals with a photo of Spiderman with no mask on. Interesting issue and maybe this appears in MCU down the road. Seems like a reach for an investment. 

I would rate 238=252 (90 vs 86.7 ISLN) >>>265>>>258>269>>>>>262>>247. 


Chart 2 contains deeper data for each issue. The good tiebreaker in here such at the %DF metric.

Nice Bias Score for 265. This supports that issue being third best in this block of ASM.

Note that 258 and 269 have ok ISLN of 34/100

Issue 239/247/250 have 29/30 out of 100 ISLN as well. 


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